Surgical Guided Dental Implants



Dental Implant is a prosthesis that replaces a missing tooth or multiple teeth. The procedure replicates the tooth and its root with a stable titanium structure and then topped with a tooth-like crown.

In Dentists Co, your Dental Implants are placed through a precise guided implant surgery by our friendly dentists!


Precise Implant Placement


Better Aesthetic Results


Increased Life Span of Implants


We utilise many forms of technology to bring about an almost painless procedure of placing Dental Implants. Guided Implant Surgery involves a reverse workflow whereby we establish the ideal position of the tooth followed by virtual planning of the ideal position of the dental implant. Thereafter, the surgical guides are 3D printed to aid our doctors in placing the implants accurately.

With Guided Implant Surgery, we are able to place the Implant in without raising any gingival flaps. With just a tiny puncture needed to fit the dental implant, you will face much lesser post-surgery discomfort.



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    Precise Implant Placement

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    Shorten Surgical Time

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    Faster Healing Period

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    Lesser Bleeding

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    Little to no Discomfort Post-Surgery

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    Decreased Surgical Risk

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    Better Aesthetic Results

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    Increased Life span of Implants


There are several varieties of how a Dental Implant can be used to hold the tooth structure. Below are a few examples:

dental implant-malaysia-dentistsco

Single Tooth Implant-Zirconia Crown


Implant-supported Bridge



Implant-supported Denture


The dental implant procedure spans across multiple visits that are usually several months apart.

  • First Appointment

    A detailed consultation will be done with our doctors where it may take up to an hour depending on your condition. Full records consisting of a 3D teeth scanning and Cone Beam Cytography (CBCT) radiograph will be taken to formulate the best treatment plan for you.

  • Second Appointment

    The finalized treatment plan will be presented to you with detailed discussion regarding the entire treatment. Once the proposed plan has been approved, a 3D Surgical Guide will be printed to use during the procedure.

  • Third Appointment

    The Surgical Guide used will greatly reduce the surgical time and this will benefit both doctor and patient. Post-surgery care instructions will be given and most of our patients undergoing this procedure will experience minimal discomfort and at most taking a dosage of Paracetamol.

  • After Implant Placement

    After 3-4 months, we'll have you back at the clinic to take a series of X-rays to ensure there is good bone formation around the Implant before confirming the final placement of the crowns. In Dentists Co, we only provide the best screw-retained Zirconia crowns which are proven to give the best aesthetic results as well as long-term survivability.



3D Teeth Scanning with iTERO

With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth, gums and biting positions. It gives us the immediate ability to assess whether or not we've adequately prepared your tooth for restoration. This technology is ideal for fabricating restorations such as new crowns, veneers and fillings for teeth — often possible in one office visit.


Cone Beam Cytography (CBCT) Radiograph

Cone Beam Cytography (CBCT) radiograph will be taken for diagnostic purpose. We only recommend doing specialized CBCT X-ray to visualize the bone thickness with every slice of image as thin as 1mm.  This highly accurate CBCT ensures safety in placement of Implant without interfering with nearby facial structures.


Everyone is suitable to proceed with Guided Implant Surgery as we place utmost importance to safety and accuracy especially in Implant Surgery. The only criteria for this is that patients has to have a minimum amount of mouth opening to be able to place the guide in. Our doctors will do the necessary assessments during the 1st consultation to see the suitability of this guided system for you.

Yes! We do immediate implant placements as well. This is a specific procedure where the particular tooth is extracted and an implant is placed straightaway. This would mean lesser appointments as you do not need to come in for a second round of surgery. Do contact us to know more in details regarding this option.

Yes, you may have underlying medical conditions but this does not mean you’re not eligible to get an Implant done. As long as your Hypertension and Diabetes is under controlled and we have gotten an approval from your Medical Doctor, you can still proceed with Implant.

Dental Implants when planned and placed precisely, will last you a lifetime. The only part of the Implant that required maintenance would be the Porcelain Crown due to wear and tear.

The resemblance of a Dental Implant with the Porcelain crown is up to 90%. It functions well like your natural tooth. Maintenance of it will be exactly how you take care of your own natural tooth. Brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing will be the ideal steps daily to keep your teeth healthy and clean!

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