Digital Smile Design (DSD)

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Ever wonder how some celebrities have such a perfect set of white teeth? Here's where Digital Smile Design comes in.

With advancements in digital dentistry today, we have the technology to create a beautiful, natural smile for you that matches your confidence.


A Beautiful Smile

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No two faces or set of teeth are alike. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a facial-driven design program that analyzes all teeth proportions (shape, length and colour) with facial parameters to help you visualise the most accurate aesthetic outcome possible. This program is designed for those looking for safer and more effective alternative to achieving a perfect smile.

With DSD, you can now fully envision your smile digitally with a test drive of your new set of teeth before undergoing any permanent treatment. This allows us to make better decisions in helping you achieve your desired goal.

At Dentists Co, we are focused on making the DSD process a personalized experience for you, truly customized to your unique specifications.


Watch the video to find out more about Digital Smile Design.

  • Consultation & Diagnosis

    The first consultation is the most important step in this procedure as your dentist will need to ask you a few questions to have a better understanding of your needs. Your teeth will be scanned and a digitalized copy of your teeth will be used for diagnosis purposes. Our team will then take a series of photos and videos of you (facial and teeth) for the analysis.

  • Visualise Your New Smile

    Once your treatment plan is ready, you will do a test drive or mock-up of your new set of teeth. Your dentist will show you the final result and how you will look through digital visualisation tools. Since no permanent procedure is done to your teeth at this point, you can still make changes until you are satisfied.

  • Achieve Your Perfect Smile

    Once we have determined the best teeth design for you, you will undergo any treatment needed. Some may require orthodontics to align their teeth first, while some will jump straight into getting dental veneers or crowns. Our team is dedicated to finding the most suitable treatment process for you.


With DSD, you can accurately envision everything about your finalized set of teeth without worrying about how it will look like, since DSD is about envisioning a set of teeth that matches in harmony with your facial profile.

You can definitely opt for getting dental veneers without DSD, but the advantage of DSD is knowing what you are getting into prior to the whole process.

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